Church Profile

Mission Statement

          "Introduce Christ to those that don't know Him and enhance the                        
          lives of those that do know Him"    Matthew 28:19, 20 NKJV


"A Church of Refuge"


         "Building Relationships One Day At  A Time" Luke 10:27


New Mount Calvary’s membership is largely African American although all people are
welcome to the membership. While many of the members live within a 10‐15 mile radius of
the church there are many members who commute to the church from various areas in the
city. The majority of the current membership is 40 plus years of age with a high
concentration of members over the age of 50. There is a growing youth ministry under the
direction of a youth pastor.


New Mount Calvary is located in Northeast Houston in the Kashmere Gardens
Community. The neighborhood is largely residential, but also includes a major hospital,
schools and industrial manufacturing and production facilities. Economically, the
neighborhood can best be described as low to middle class.

Property Description

The New Mount Calvary campus consists of a main sanctuary, youth
sanctuary, fellowship hall, gymnasium, classrooms, and food bank.


Audio/Media Barnabas   
Care Counselors  Children       
Cooks for Christ  Deaconess      
Deacons    Evangelism
Hospitality Marriage   
Men's Chorus Men's Ministry
Minister's Wives    Ministers  
New Members Pastor Support Group
Prison Ministry     Praise Team
Praise Dancers Senior Adults       
Social Media        Staff    
Sunday School   Traffic & Security   
Ushers   Women's Ministry  
Women's Chorus Young Adults  
Young Adult Choir Young Adult Praise Team   
Youth                 VBS   
Voices of Calvary   Video