Sunday School Offerings


Thank you for your participation in the Sunday School Survey.  You spoke and we listened.  Based on the information collected, starting in September, the 1st quarter of the year, we will offer a variety of new classes for the congregation to attend as well as the classes listed in this brochure.

The Christian Education Ministry is excited about how God is moving at New Mt. Calvary and we want you to be a part of these blessings.  Please review the class offerings in this for June – August, and choose a class to attend that best fits your needs.
Sunday School Hours: 10:45am – 11:45am

Singles Class
Ages 20 – 40
Teacher: Gita Bolt
The singles class welcomes all singles through age 40 – whether you have never been married, or you are divorced, or widowed. There are many opportunities for singles to socialize, learn and understand how to serve the Lord through your life. So come find your place and deepen your faith.
Meeting Location: Youth Sanctuary Back Office

Men’s Class
Men ages 18 – up
Teachers: Lee Davis & Richard Anderson
The power of men in Christian fellowship cannot be underestimated. This class is created specifically for men to address the issues they face, and God’s answer for personal growth as a Christian man.
Meeting Location: Building 5A

Children & Youth
Teachers: Ken White & Desmond Robinson
The children and youth come to know Jesus and love Him more during Sunday school.
To know: Students learn about the Christian faith. They also grow in how to use their faith in areas such as Bible study, prayer and worship.
 To love: Each lesson encourages students to apply Bible learning to their current life situations and live the joyful life God intended.
 To follow: Students also grow in their understanding about what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus.
Meeting Locations:
Youth Sanctuary – Nursery (ages 2-10)
Conference Room (ages 11 – 18)

Marriage Class
11 or More Years of Marriage
Teachers: Mary Jones & Doris Mayo
Strengthen your marriage, your friendship, and daily walk from your current stage of married life, through the empty nest years and beyond by attending the marriage class.  In this class, a host of opportunities are provided to build and strengthen your relationship with others while deepening your relationship with God.
Meeting Location Youth Sanctuary

Dating, Engaged, or Married Couples for 10 years or less
Teachers: Ron & Tanisha Jones, & Linda Gray
Participants in the E.M.B.R.A.C.E. class will engage in discussions centered around biblically based book studies.  Lessons are geared to address issues most couples face in their early years of marriage.
Meeting Location: Room 6B

New Member Orientation
Teachers: Stella Brooks & Willie Coleman
 In this 8 week class, new members are oriented to New Mount Calvary and lessons are taught on fundamental issues such as salvation and prayer. Introduce and discuss with Discipleship lessons are taught on how we should walk before Christ.
Meeting Location: Main Sanctuary Room 11
W.O.W. Class
Women of Wisdom
Women ages 25 – 90+
Teachers: Carrie Thompson,
Betty Dean, & Dianne Stephens
The WOW class studies the word of God as presented in weekly Sunday School lessons.  The class provides insight by applying biblical principles to our daily living.  The seasonal lessons relate to all women in all age groups.
Class Description
  • The WOW class is composed of women who believe in the Almighty God.
  • The women of the WOW class are women of prayer.
  • The women of the WOW class demonstrate a caring and welcoming spirit.
  • The ages of the WOW class range from the late twenties to ninety plus years.
Meeting Location: Fellowship Hall

Serving And Learning Together
Women’s Class
Women ages 18 – up
Teachers: Euletha Wade & Betty Grant
The S.A.L.T. class uses real life application from a biblical perspective to show women how to live a Godly life within a chaotic world. Class participation and discussion is encouraged.
Meeting Location: Room 6A