New Mount Calvary Baptist Church

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From the Pastor's Desk

“Let us forget the things that vexed and tried us, 
The worrying things that caused our souls to fret,
The hopes that, cherished long, were still denied us,
Let us forget.

Let us forget the little slights that pained us, 
The greater wrongs that rankle sometimes yet; 
The pride with which some lofty one disdained us, 
Let us forget.

But blessings manifold, past all deserving,
Kind words and helpful deeds, a countless throng;
The fault o'ercome, the rectitude unswerving 
Let us remember long.

The sacrifice of love, the generous giving,
When friends were few, that handclasp warm and strong,
The fragrance of each life of holy living, 
Let us remember long.

Whatever things were good and true and gracious
Whate'er of right has triumphed over wrong, 
What love of God or man has rendered precious, 
Let us remember long.”

That’s what every month, but especially the month of February perpetuates in the life of the African-American race and the life of the New Mount Calvary Baptist Church family, a joyful reflection upon the faithfulness of God in all times and in all circumstances.  He has blessed us to celebrate 102 years of His faithfulness and goodness toward us as a church family, and a lifetime of His blessings as a race of people.  We dare not ignore the challenges and obstacles over the course of time, because they only give us an opportunity to give Him credit for bringing us over and through those times of adversity. Because of that, we should forever remember those instances constantly offer thank to our God for His faithfulness. 

So, in regards to our church and our race, what does that type of thankfulness look like in a practical manner?  It means cultivating our relationship with Him everyday through prayer and the study of His Word, being more devoted to the service of our God through the work of the church, it means sharing the goodness of God continually with our younger generations, and ultimately, it means that we continue to live this life in light of who we are living for, the Almighty God.  I pray that you will join us this month in celebrating what the Lord has done for us.  He deserves it!  I look forward to sharing in the celebration with you at NMCBC, where we are, “Building Relationships One Day At A Time.” Grace and peace be unto you.

 Your Pastor,

  Rev. Christopher C. Moore