New Mount Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk
Dr. Christopher C. Moore

First of all, allow me to thank you for continued support during our Family and Friends month in September.  It was a huge success, and my prayer is that the spirit of compassion for the unsaved and unchurched will continue to pervade our ranks. We are grateful for all that transpired and all that will come to fruition in the future as a result of our commitment to the Great Commission.


This entire month of October, we will not only attempt to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, but we will also celebrate those that have survived this awful disease by giving thanks to God in our "Praise Him In Pink Service" on October 28th during our 8:00am and 11am worship experiences.  We would love to have your family members and friends that have survived Breast Cancer to join us that day in worship.  We also want to show God how much we honor and thank Him for the being the Great Physician.


This month is also a banner month in the life of our church. We are launching our additional worship service, but we are also partnering with Pastor David Guevara and Casa de’ Oracion (House Of Prayer). No one could have predicted a year ago that we would be where we are, but I’m grateful for your prayers and continued encouragement as we seek to do the will of the Father. I would love to see you at both services, especially our launch service on October 7 at 11am. And please feel free to visit with our new family members from the House Of Prayer to let them know that we’re thrilled to have them on our campus. We’re believing God for an awesome move of His Spirit through this partnership. 


Once again, thank you for sticking by your Pastor through this transition. We are headed somewhere, and as long as we trust God and follow His lead, we’ll continue to see His mighty hand in all of our endeavors. I look forward to seeing you this month at NMCBC, where we are, “Building Relationships One Day At A Time.” Grace and peace be unto you.


Your Pastor,



Rev. Christopher C. Moore