New Mount Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk
Dr. Christopher C. Moore

Out of the French Revolution came a story of a mother who wandered through the woods
for three days with her two children, trying to survive on roots and leaves. On the third
day, she heard some soldiers approaching and quickly hid herself and the children behind
some bushes.

The sergeant in charge noticed the movement, so he prodded the bushes to see what was
stirring behind them. When he saw the starving woman and children, he had compassion
on them and immediately gave them a loaf of brown bread. The mother took the bread
eagerly, broke it into two pieces and gave one piece to each of the two children. The
sergeant noted, "She has kept none for herself.” A soldier asked, "Is it because she is not
hungry?" "No," the sergeant answered. "It is because she is a mother.”

What a testimony! And how much does that register in our own lives? We are and have
been recipients of the type of motherly sacrifices that have literally saved our lives and
have made differences where and when we were unable to do so. It would be an
indictment to dismiss and fail to recognize the countless instances where mothers and
mother figures have put their own interests aside just for us. We MUST celebrate them
for the awesome pillars of strength, sincerity, sophistication, and strength that they are.

May is a special month at NMCBC, where we take the time to celebrate the viable place
and part that women play in the Kingdom. It’s a known fact that we would not be where
we are today without the suffering, sacrifice, and service of women for God’s glory and
our good. So, we pause to celebrate the impactful women that have made such
an indelible impression in our lives, for they deserve their just due and more. I encourage
each of you to take the time to show the special women in your life in a tangible way how
much you appreciate them for all that they have done for you. To the wonderful women
of NMCBC, we love you and thank you for who you are to every one of us. NMCBC,
let’s celebrate this entire month. I look forward to you joining us where we are, “Building
Relationships One Day At A Time.”

Your Pastor,
Rev. Christopher C. Moore