New Mount Calvary Baptist Church

From the Pastor's Desk
Dr. Christopher C. Moore

Christian author and activist Chuck Colson draws evidence for the resurrection for personal experience. Colson was a part of the Nixon Whitehouse during the Watergate scandal of seventies. He writes:  

“Watergate involved a conspiracy to cover up, perpetuated by the closest aides to the President of the United States and the most powerful men in America, who were intensely loyal to their president. But one of them, John Dean, turned state’s evidence, that is, testified against Nixon, as he put it, "to save his own skin" and he did so only two weeks after informing the president about what was really going on! The real cover-up, the lie, could only be held together for two weeks, and then everybody else jumped ship in order to save themselves. Now, the fact is that all that those around the President were facing was embarrassment, maybe prison. Nobody’s life was at stake.”

“But what about the disciples? Twelve powerless men, peasants really, were facing not just embarrassment or political disgrace, but beatings, stoning, and execution. Every single one of the disciples insisted, to their dying breaths, that they had physically seen Jesus bodily raised from the dead. Don’t you think that one of those apostles would have cracked before being beheaded or stoned? That one of them would have made a deal with the authorities? None did. You see, men will give their lives for something they believe to be true they will never give their lives for something they know to be false. The Watergate cover-up reveals the true nature of humanity. Even political zealots at the pinnacle of power will, in the crunch, save their own necks, even at the expense of the ones they profess to serve so loyally. But the apostles could not deny Jesus because they had seen Him face to face, and they knew He had risen from the dead.”

There were many doubters on that Friday, but none bigger than Satan, but Jesus declared, “No man takes my life, but in three days, I’ll take it up again.” And because of that truth, God took what seemed like a tragedy on Friday, and turned it into triumph on Sunday.

For that fact alone, we should stand before the truth that our Lord majors in overcoming obstacles and breaking barriers, and we should gladly live in light of that truth each and every day of our lives.  My prayer is that each of you will treat this joyous occasion with the integrity and reverence that it deserves, for it is the most significant event in Christendom.  Please join us at any and all of services this month as we celebrate the fact that He lives!  I look forward to seeing you at NMCBC, where we are “Building Relationships One Day At A Time.”  Grace and peace be unto you until we meet again.

Your Pastor,
Rev. Christopher C. Moore