Chairman of the Deacons Brother John Gamble
" Men of good repute, full of the Spirit and wisdom, who devote themselves to prayer and to ministry of the word" Acts 6

The deacons are chosen from among the congregation to "serve the church" in the practical, spiritual, and temporal matter of that body of believers.
The deacons are servants unto the Lord, the members of the body, and the community. The New Mount Calvary Deacons serve with the ministerial staff in performing the ministries of:
  • Assisting the church in the achievement of it's mission
  • Proclaiming the Gospel to believers and nonbelievers
  • Serving of the Lord's Supper
  • Caring for church members and others in the community

Back Row (left to right) (Donald Compton, Kenneth Baxter, Danny Gilbert (deceased 7/13)
Harry Hughes (deceased 8/13), George Lunnon, Major Jones

Center Row (left to right) Lowell Mayo, John Thompson, Richard Anderson, Robert Denson, Willie H. Coleman Jr., John Gamble

Front Row (left to right) I.V. Williams, Kenneth White, Eddie Hector, Richard Paley, Glenn Tibbs, Larry Smith, Fred Guy, Curtis Henderson