Pastor's Perspective


Jo Ann Heidbreder, writes ever so poetically:
"A dad is a mender of toys, A leader of boys. He's a changer of fuses, A healer of bruises He's a mover of couches, A soother of ouches. He's a pounder of nails, A teller of tales. He's a dryer of dishes, A fulfiller of wishes Bless him, O Lord."

On last month, we celebrated the wonderful gift that God has given us in the person of our mothers, but this month, we celebrate the gift that He has given us in the person of our fathers. All of us can relate to the truth at our fathers or father figures have at some point been our protection and peace in times of distress, have provided for us, and have shown us how to stand in the midst of storms.

We dare not overlook the investments that they've made in our lives from a spiritual and emotional perspective. God has entrusted fathers to lead, provide, and bring their families into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and ultimately be and demonstrate God with skin on. We take this time to celebrate the place and part of fathers in the kingdom of God, and simply say, "Thank you."

We thank God for the fathers that have labored to do so, and we certainly pray that more and more fathers would long to impact one young life at a time. The lives of our children depend upon it. Help me celebrate all fathers and father figures this month at NMCBC; it's well deserved. I look forward to seeing you at NMCBC this month, where we are, "Building Relationships One Day At A Time."

Your Pastor,
Rev. Christopher C. Moore