Pastor's Perspective


Greetings! This is one of the most unique months in the life of our church, as we have an opportunity to not only honor our seniors, but our youth and children as well. We are blessed to have wonderful representation from both demographics. 

Our Senior Adult Ministry is one of the most active ministries in our entire church.  It is a guarantee that you will find them serving in nearly every possible capacity with as much vigor and passion as everyone else. From the choir stand to the parking lot, they are there lending their gifts to the kingdom and offering their godly wisdom to those that are in need.  It is a joy to see them continue to serve in ministry, but it's an even greater joy to witness the spirit in which they do so.  We dare not overlook the contributions that they've made and are still making here at NMCBC, and we encourage them to continue to lead in the manner in the way in which they're leading. 

Our youth and children have been a breath of fresh air in our congregation. It is exciting to see them not only grow physically, but spiritually as well. We are so blessed to have their energy and vitality! 

Also, a new school year will be in full swing this month, and we want to cover our students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents in prayer as they prepare for another year.  We are praying for their protection, traveling grace, and success not only for this month, but the entire school year.  My prayer and the prayer of the entire congregation is that nothing but peace and success will rest upon each individual and each family.  

So, let's take this grand opportunity to celebrate the various generations in our church. We are blessed to have representation and participation from many demographics. Let us glorify God in attempting to bridge generational gaps through discipleship. It will only make for a stronger church. That is the very essence of our theme, so let's put it into practice. I look forward to you joining me this month at NMCBC, where we are, "Building Relationships One Day At A Time." Grace and peace be unto you.

Rev. Christopher C. Moore